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Colors of Christmas

by Leanne Kesler on December 1, 2015

from her blog at

What color is your Christmas? Your Wedding?

The traditional red and green is no longer a requirement. Today’s Christmas comes in a rainbow of colors. Discerning decorators want a Christmas palette that reflects their personality. Think about your Christmas fantasy. Go ahead, close your eyes and visualize the perfect Christmas part,. Now, pick the palette that reflects your vision.
Is your day filled with family and friends of all ages? Are you a Christmas purist? Do you sing Jingle Bells as you dash through the snow? Have you already stocked up on candy canes and chocolate kisses in bright red foil wrapping? You may want to stay true to the traditional red and green.

Personalize your Christmas 2015 with natural touches. Antler sheds, pinecones, lichen covered branches and birch bark look great with the vibrant red of ilex berries and shiny glass cardinal.For a whimsical, contemporary update, pair the forest green with a brilliant splash of chartreuse.

Try a ceramic dish and whimsical ornaments or a more sophisticated look with miniature hydrangeas. Either way, chartreuse is the perfect hue to pair with a brilliant orangey-red. Dark green, brilliant chartreuse or a little of both, this palette is perfect for the young and the young at heart.  Gather your collected treasures and fill the house with red and green. When you’re done, call your friends over to decorate sugar cookies and enjoy a cup of cocoa.

Are high heels, pajama pants and slinky dresses more your style?

Luxury and glamour can be found in a golden Christmas. Blousy hydrangea and gilded foliage paired with shiny glass balls and glittered leaves make a memorable Christmas palette for the urban sophisticate. Think of an evening with a bottle of champagne (maybe two), dark chocolate and your closest friends. To make it perfect, be sure to add lots of candles!

Do you hear “Let it Go” repeated throughout the day? Are you surrounded by little Elsa’s, Anna’s and Olaf’s? The icy cold influence of “Frozen” can be found in this sparkling palette of lavender, silver and white. Think snowflakes and peppermint schnapps…for the adults of course!

Don’t let Christmas 2015 pass you by. Take time now to think about your color personality. Pull out your favorite treasures from Christmas past. Visit your florist and gather a few pieces to update your décor and fill the house with flowers. Now, you are ready for the fun of holiday entertaining. Send out an e-vite, call, text or knock on the neighbor’s door. Just don’t delay! There are only a few short weeks to enjoy the spirit of the season. Then, we will all have to clean house, make resolutions and get ready for the spring thaw.

What is your color scheme for your Christmas wedding or Party?

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